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We consult and support

Private individuals

Place your private income tax returns in our experienced hands. We will also provide competent advice about asset transfers, with regards to German inheritance law and gifting.


Self-employed members of the regulated professions

We will deal with all your tax, bookkeeping, and profit and loss matters for you - leaving you free to dedicate yourself to your business.


Family-owned enterprises

We will advise you at all stages of your company's development. As your trusted advisors, we will represent your interests and help you build your company on sound footing for the benefit of future generations.


Self-employed traders

You want to concentrate on what you do best, whether you are a manufacturer, craftperson or service provider. We will deal with all tax, bookkeeping and accounting matters for you.


Non-profit organisations

We will help you to pursue and comply with your non-profit aims. Advising and auditing charitable organisations is an important area of our work.


Internationally companies

As a reliable Partner, we will advise you on your cross-border activities, for instance on international tax affairs or matters related to joint ventures and secondments.


Consulting for medium-sized and international companies

As an independent, partnership-run auditing and tax consulting company, S·K· advises medium-sized and international companies and charities in the Frankfurt area and beyond - across Germany to visit our partners within the BPG Group and internationally within the global consulting network Leading Edge Alliance.


News and tax update

November 2017

Darf ein Regionalliga-Verein einen Arbeitsvertrag auf drei Jahre befristen?

Das Arbeitsgericht (ArbG) Köln hat entschieden. Ein Fußballclub, der in der Regionalliga beheimatet ist... * Quelle: VB VereinsBrief

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November 2017

Steu­er­li­che Be­hand­lung von Rei­se­kos­ten und Rei­se­kos­ten­ver­gü­tun­gen bei be­trieb­lich und be­ruf­lich ver­an­lass­ten Aus­lands­rei­sen ab 1. Ja­nu­ar 2018

Aufgrund des § 9 Absatz 4a Satz 5 ff. Einkommensteuergesetz...

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November 2017

Immobilien richtig weitergeben: Geschenk oder Erbe?

Irgendwann wird es in jeder Familie mal zu Thema: Wie geht das Eigentum der Familie auf die nächste Generation über? Ist es sinnvoller... *Quelle

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November 2017

Betriebsveranstaltungen – Steuerersparnisse und Risiken für Unternehmer

Gemeinsam auf ein erfolgreiches Jahr zurückblicken, bei Essen und Getränken die Kollegen von der privaten Seite kennenlernen...

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Professor Dr. K. Schwantag - Dr. P. Kraushaar GmbH is an accounting and auditing firm with the headquarter in Frankfurt am Main. As a provider of accounting, auditing and tax advisory services, we advise our clients in all matters related to taxes, company law and Business management issues, and support companies and other institutions during the finalisation and auditing of their year-end annual financial statements. Our clients primarily include small and medium-sized family-owned businesses, as well as international medium-sized enterprises, private individuals and non-profit organisations. Besides traditional auditing and tax consulting, we offer financial accounting and payroll administration as well as management consulting and advisory services in cases of insolvency and reorganisation.

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